[[Myth Busted]] There can be Identical Boy/Girl Twins!

When I was blessed with twins, I felt pretty clueless as managing them was a lot different from managing one baby at a time. As no one I knew had managed twins, it was utter chaos for me.

So to seek help from people who have managed twins by themselves, I connected to twin parenting communities on Facebook.

As a part of the twin parent community, I got the opportunity to interact with a lot of twin parents. It is funny how so many of us get asked the same questions every now and then. The curiosity of strangers never seem to end, and honestly, somewhere that does give us a high about being gifted with some of God’s greatest creations.

Some of my fellow moms with a set of Boy and Girl (b/g) twins do feel irked by the question – “are they identical?”.

They prefer to snap back with an “of course not, how can they be identical”??!!

But to tell you the truth, that is actually a MYTH!!

To give you a little biology jibber jabber – identical twins are formed when an egg and a sperm fertilize to make an embryo, and the embryo splits into two parts, forming two separte embryos.

Image result for how are identical twins formed

Source:- www.pregnancyquestionsandanswers.com

These embryos further develop into twin children, mostly of the same gender.

But… IT IS POSSIBLE to have identical twins of different genders, it may be extremely rare, but is definitely a possible phenomenon.

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Do read and let me know how you liked the article! Don’t forget to share it with your friends because we should all know the right from the wrong!

Till then, Happy Parenting friends!


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